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Elementary Education

Haylie Gardiner

"Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness." 

-Lana Del Rey

About me

My name is Haylie Gardiner and I am currently a senior at Frisco High School. I am a member of the Frisco High School varsity soccer team, my club soccer team SRFC, National Charity League, and National Honor Society. I love kids and aspire to one day become an Elementary School Teacher. I will be studying Elementary Education this year in the Independent Study Mentorship Program. I am very excited to learn more about what the career of education entails.


My mission statement this year is to gain a better understanding about how teachers impact students learning. I would like to learn what specifically helps a student retain information during a lesson. This knowledge will not only benefit people who have an interest in the education career, but for anyone who is trying to in teach something new to a child.


Independent Study Mentorship

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ISM is a course that is offered to FISD students who want to get a head start in a career they're interested in. The challenging, yet rewarding class allows a student the opportunity to research further into their career so that they may gain a further understanding about what it entails. In addition, students get hands on experience with a mentor who guides them through their journey. Once accepted into this amazing program, students will be able to build connections and professional skills that will come to be very beneficial later on in life. 

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